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Oversteer My Bagel: Buy Some Jalopnik On A T-Shirt!

Illustration for article titled Oversteer My Bagel: Buy Some emJalopnik/em On A T-Shirt!

A while back, someone emailed us a T-shirt design based on some of my caffeinated, candy-powered babbling. Thanks to the efforts of a few intrepid Jalopnik readers, you can now buy a copy of that shirt. Who's in?


In case you missed it, the phrase "oversteer my bagel" and the quote on the shirt's rump came from a story I wrote about a Subaru press event. The shirt seen here is an updated version of the original design done by the cool cats at Ethercycle. The shirt is single-sided and features the stylish "drifting toaster" logo seen above; if you order a light-colored shirt, you also get the back of the shirt screen-printed with the exploded-differential-and-quote arrangement shown below. (Go here and click on the image if you can't read the text.)

Illustration for article titled Oversteer My Bagel: Buy Some emJalopnik/em On A T-Shirt!

The shirts are available in either fitted ($24.99) or "standard" ($23.99) cut through Ethercycle's Cafepress store. Jalopnik is not involved in the production of these shirts and will not profit from their sale, but the Ethercycle boys have nevertheless chosen to donate half of the profits to Bill Caswell, our $500 Craigslist Rally-Car Driver. A fine bunch of folks, sez us.


So go. Show the world your devotion to Jalopnik, the opposite-lock household appliance, random yappery, and the glories of off-road hoonage, all while helping support the world's goofiest grassroots race driver. What could be better? Nothing, that's what!

[EtherCycle CafePress Store]

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I just want to point out you never want to toast a good bagel. Only the crappy frozen kind.