Note: The above video was produced by Subaru, and as such, it sports a significant This Message Brought to You By vibe. Nevertheless, it's worth watching. The bottomed-out-and-jumping WRX at 0:22 is yours truly, as is the last-minute pass at 2:04. (OK, so it was a bit close. The windows were dirty and I couldn't see the other car. I had something in my eye. My shoe got stuck on the throttle. Swamp gas reflecting off the light from Venus temporarily obstructed my vision. You've been there, I'm sure.)


And that's it. Check both galleries for (mostly uninformative) captions and a bit more of the story. Also, an STI on snow tires is so choice. If you have the means/a large field/a bulldozer, I highly recommend picking one up.

Photo Credits: Top shot, two-car racing shot, and bottom gallery courtesy of Greg Jarem/Subaru. All other photos: Sam Smith/Jalopnik.