Over The River And Through The Woods: Top Ten Christmas Sleds

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Globally, Christmas weather is everything from tropical rainforest or frozen snow-piled wasteland. Although everyone wants to get over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, these are the ten best vehicles for the job with presents in tow.

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Nice list, Ben.

That Aston is sex on wheels, the Hummer is the most capable off-road brick you can buy at that price, the SX4 is all kinds of cheap fun, the Flex is the ultimate road-going lounge, The WRX is all kinds of stupid fast fun, the iQ is perfect metro transportation, the Jeep will take you to cheerleader camp, the RS6 is the pure awesome from which all other awesome is derived, the GMC Savannah is literally the vehicle I think Santa would drive, and the Nissan Patrol is, well, the Nissan Patrol.

But for my personal choice of ideal Christmas sled, see the above pick. A full-custom 1957 GMC pickup. Mine would be two tone Red/White with whitewall bias-plys and a simple LS1/four-speed auto combination. It would also need a little wreath mounted to the front, and then it would be the perfect SoCal Christmas sled.