Over The Rail: Caprice Cruiser, PT Cruiser Fall 20 Feet Onto Sidewalk

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We're a sucker for a good car crash story, as long as nobody gets seriously hurt, and this one in Seattle was quite a doozy, as doozies of this type go. A woman left her elderly father in her '80s-vintage Chevy station wagon on the second floor of a parking garage and supposedly stuck the car in park. What happened next isn't entirely clear, but it resulted in the wagon smashing into a parked, unoccupied PT Cruiser and sending both vehicles plummeting through a steel-and-concrete barricade, over the edge of the parking garage and onto the sidewalk below. Amazingly enough, the 88 year-old man survived the ordeal with only minor injuries.

Two cars plummet off parking garage to street below [KATU]

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