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As the guy who invented Pop Rocks will tell you (from his villa in the South of France), just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to do it, but why the hell not? Rinspeed's zaZen concept is the perfect example of that kind of thinking. A partnership with Bayer MaterialScience, which provided the outer-space plastics that make its Porsche-on-hallucinogens styling possible, the zaZen cut a compelling figure on the floor of the Palexpo Center (despite a frustrating series of display monitors that prevented unubstructed photos from all angles). In reality, Rinspeed's idea of Zen is so at odds with the actual practice of mind-clearing that shares its name that it might just be Zen-like by way of circular logic. Elsewise, it's more craziness from the guys who made being crazy the most normal thing of all.

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