Over the Back Fence: VW to Show IROC Concept in Paris; May Hearken New Scirocco

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No, not the kind of IROC that once roamed the boulevards of Staten Island like great iron steeds dipped in a huge vat of Armor All. According to supposition from a board member of VW Vortex, Volkswagen will show a concept car called the IROC, for ScIROCco at the Paris Motorshow in September.


Word is, the front-engine, rear front-drive coupe will be a cross between the Eco-Racer concept the company showed in Tokyo last year with the Concept A coupe shown in Geneva this past March. The production model, which will be built in Portugal, will reportedly cost in the range of $24,000. No word on a US release.

Volkswagen to show "IROC" concept at the Paris Auto show [VW Vortex forum]

Volkswagen Reveals EcoRacer Concept for Tokyo Show; Geneva Premiere: Volkswagen's Concept A; More on the new Scirocco [internal]


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Al Navarro

Why you gotta hate on the dream cars of my New Jersey youth? (Not my dreams of course, but those of many a young lad up and down the Turnpike, I'm sure.)

The first car in my household that was truly mine (as in, it was stick, so my parents couldn't even get it out of the driveway) was a Scirocco 16V. First year, in Torndo Red. In time it got Neuspeeded out (but no "bodykit", puh-lease). My bro had a Corrado a few years later that I loved when it wasn't on fire. The sporty V-Dub coupe is a niche just wating to be filled.