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We loves us some gossip mongering, especially when it comes to exotics (what the fancy folks call ass-pirational vehicles). Some of the most compelling speculation has been about new, up-market, front-engined coupes to challenge the Aston Martin and Bentley GT juggernauts of late. Pistonheads has been on the Porsche beat, watching for talk of Stuttgart's line-expansion plans, while speculation of a new Ferrari Dino has been retailed on Ferrari message boards and in buff books. One Ferrari official said recently the Dino, or "Project California" as it's been known internally, is off the table. Porsche officials have deferred to the future, indicating that the success of the upcoming Panamera four-door "coupe" would dictate a similar two-door on the same platform. PH forsees the Cayenne's 4.5-liter biturbo V8 powering the Porsche, though the Ferrari's powerplant โ€” let alone business case โ€” is uncertain. We're betting on both, thought we may be waiting until next decade for an answer.

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