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Hey, so did you like the Advanced Sports Car Concept (gallery below) Acura showed off at Detroit last month? Did you hope that would be the design language used for the next NSX? You did? Well...that stinks, because they weren't ever going to build that one. But wait, aren't you excited for the Tokyo Show car that insiders said would really show off the design of a new NSX? You are? Well...then life is twice as stinky. According to the folks who've never seen a Road that's straight,

"Now comes word from a source familiar with the program that the Tokyo Show car won't be for real, either and that secretly, behind the scenes, Acura has completely torn up the whole script and started over. Honda's top management isn't happy with either car, so we hear, so it's back to the drawing board, again, at least in terms of how the finished car will look, although the basic proportions and front-engined V-10 package and all-wheel drive layout will stay..."


Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see whether what the look Acura comes up with ends up being as droolicious as the concept car we saw last month. And for a rumored price of $150,000 — it'd better be.

Japan Report: Acura's NSX Seen Headed Back To The Drawing Board? [Winding Road]


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