Over $280,000 in Prize Money Takes Tractor Driving and Farming Simulator to a New Level

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I like video games, but I don’t play that many of them. The last time I farmed anything was for Legendary Marks in Destiny. I didn’t realize that there are whole games devoted to actual farming, like Farming Simulator—and that there are people who are so into and good at these games that there are championships where you can win about $285,000.


Oh, yes. GIANTS Software, the developer, is making the popular game into a full-on esport by establishing it as a 10-tournament league across Europe, according to a press release. The tournament will include events like Gamescom and Paris Games Week, with a finale at FarmCon2020, according to The Verge. GIANTS is putting down up to €250,000 (about $285,000) for the total prize pool.

The new league will be held in the new Farming Simulator 19 and will include a competitive three vs. three mode where teams compete with each other. From the release:

The game will, of course, stand true to its roots in farming and combine real field work like harvesting with fun and challenging game elements. GIANTS Software will reveal more about the new game mode in the near future.

The whole appeal of Farming Simulator, as our friends over at Kotaku report is how utterly realistic it is:

It might sound simple, but the draw of Farming Simulator is its attention to detail and recreating real life specs. Driving vehicles in the game is less like Grand Theft Auto and more like trying to control the real thing. Hence why many Farming Simulator fans prefer to play with steering wheels and control panels hooked up to their PC.

Anyway, some lucky gamer could win almost $300,000 for being a great farmer without actually farming anything. That’s pretty neat. I’d do it. I don’t even need to win money. I just want to drive a virtual tractor.

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I thought video games were supposed to be, y’know, like, funner than real life.