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Ove Andersson, Rally Hero: 1938-2008

Illustration for article titled Ove Andersson, Rally Hero: 1938-2008

Ole Andersson, the Swedish-born racer best known for his Toyota-based European rally teams, died yesterday when his 1957 Volvo crashed during a vintage rally event in South Africa. Mr. Andersson began his racing career as a driver in 1963, and by the early 1970s he was running his own team, racking up plenty of podium time (including the 1975 Safari Rally, which he won at the helm of a Peugeot 504). It's a tough blow for all of us to lose this master of rally hoonage, who piloted such Jalop-approved machines as the Celica, Alpine, and 504. [Reuters, The Guardian]


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The Stevenson

Ove was also responsible for starting the Toyota F1 team in 2002.