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Out of Mothballs: Rover MG 7 Coupe Concept

Illustration for article titled Out of Mothballs: Rover MG 7 Coupe Concept

Well, what do you know. With the former MG-Rover plant in Longbridge set to start firing on all about a third of its cylinders, new owner Nanjing held a ceremony last week to mark the occasion. And look what they rolled out. It's a coupe version of the erstwhile Rover 75. It's a swankily appointed show car created in 2004 to show then suitor Shanghai Automotive it could come up with a marketable design in, like, 90 minutes. Will it be built as part of the company's five-year plan? Who knows. Technology from 1998 is so late nineties.


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@MGWriter: Please, man, this is not being snotty. I'm on the right side of the pond, I've driven everything that MG Rover put out since 1999, with the exception of the Streetwise and the CityRover. I remember writing about the 75 Coupé 3 or 4 years ago.

I admit I can't keep those Chinese manufacturers straight, but this is not a good car, no matter who owns the designs. At best, the 75 was aesthetically pleasing, both inside and outside. But the chassis is too soft, the engines too slow, the plastics too shoddy. It understeered constantly. It was always uncomfortable and underperforming.

This is not going to save whatever's left of MG Rover. Updating a 10 year old design that was never that good to begin with doesn't work. At best, either SAIC or Nanjing or whoever owns it should try to salvage the RDX60.