Out Of Control Lamborghini Destroys BMW Motorcycle Dealership

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The driver of a Black Lamborghini Murcielago lost control and crashed into an Italian motorcycle dealership outside of Como this past week.


Two men were in the Lambo when the car suddenly lurched, crossed the opposite lane and crashed into "Valli Motorrad" which specializes in BMW motorcycles.

Although neither of the two occupants of the car were injured in the crash according to La Provincia, the Lamborghini did quite a bit of damage to itself and a line of motorcycles parked outside the dealership when it collided with the building.

Considering the insurance nightmare this crash surely created, we'd guess the cracked up supercar is just the beginning of the crash related expenses for this Lamborghini owner.

(Hat tip to GTspirit!)

Photo Credit: Luisa Caldera



An Italian motorcycle dealership that specializes in BMW motorcycles? Did anybody else see that? That doesn't make sense.