Our Lives Have Been Wasted: 1986 Cadillac DeVille Fleetwood Hot Tubamino

Oh beautiful, for spacious hot tub, and amber folds of leather. For orange paint and landau top, above four comfy seats! Cadillac DeVille, sweet Cadillac DeVille! Jalopnik sheds its grace on thee. And crown thy continental kit, with loads of chrome, and bitchin' custom grille!

Sorry, we couldn't help but break into song. This might be the greatest custom Cadillac ever built. If it was just the hot tub, it would be a ride for plebes, but for God's sake, look at everything else! White walls, custom grille and hood, that top, those chrome accents, the continental kit (so much more fitting here than on the LeBaron) — the mind wonders, the heart races. And the bidding is only up to how much!? (Thanks Slimwhitman) [eBay listing]


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