ZHP. Say those letters to random people and they mean absolutely nothing. But say them to a BMW fan, and they’ll recognize that it was perhaps the best box that could be checked on an E46 330i. It was the factory sport package for the people in the know. And now ZHP is back.

BMW is bringing the ZHP Package back for 100 435i coupes. Unlike last time, this is not an off the shelf option package. It’s a limited run of cars, which makes the ZHP even harder to get than an M4, which seems like an odd choice.

So what do you get?


The ZHP 435i has a Track Handling Package, M Performance limited slip diff, M Sport Package, and “M Performance Parts,” which is an umbrella term for a bunch of random doo dads that are littered throughout the car. It does have 35 more horsepower in manual or automatic trim, with the auto getting 32 more pound feet of torque and the manual getting just 17. It has a performance exhaust, aero package, and a performance air intake.

The 100 cars come with either a six speed manual or eight speed auto and will be available in either black or white. Nothing too crazy here. The cars will go on sale in July, no price has been announced yet.


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