Our Boy Brian Williams Loves Him Some Bridge Explosions

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Basically, NBC anchor Brian Williams (or BriWi as we all like to call him because we're secretly best friends) is a pretty awesome dude. Women want to be with him, men want to be with him, Ray Wert chills with him, and he's a noted Jalopnik reader. So we'd like to tell him thanks for the shout-out on his show Rock Center this week.


BriWi highlighted our Answers of the Day feature this week about the ten best infrastructure demolition videos.

You can watch the segment here. "So we haven't been as good at building infrastructure as we have at taking it down the last half-century," Williams said. "So what? When we do stuff big it's really spectacular."


Indeed. Who doesn't love bridge demolition videos? If you don't, then you should, because BriWi tells you to.

Hey, Brian — if you're around on Thursday evening, consider this post your invite to our New York City party at Classic Car Club Manhattan. It's gonna be the best party in New York this week. Maybe ever.

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I'm sure Brian already RSVP'ed to Nick via email.

Hmm... I wonder why Nick hasn't forwarded it.