The Future Of Military Trucks Is File-Sharing

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Just over a week ago, the real-life Tony Starks of the world met at the Gulf Defense and Aerospace Exhibition/Conference to show off their wares. Oshkosh Defense from the good ol' USA touted extensive integration of computer technology as the latest tool in their beastly combat vehicles.


Since those DIN-sized CD decks from Best Buy aren't going to cut the mustard anymore, Oshkosh has rolled out a new campaign to build command, control, communications, and computers (referred to as one entity: "C4" in military speak) seamlessly into their new offerings. This includes developing a "full vehicle network" for file sharing between machines, effectively making Oshkosh a software company.

No word yet on whether or not Pandora streaming is available in the Afghani desert.


With so many military vehicles having been designed before the days of Netscape, incorporating new tech has been one of the many challenges faced by warriors on wheels. Oshkosh hopes militaries are enticed by the ability to not only communicate more effectively, but have better protection on their C4 equipment when it's built into the vehicle from the start.

The idea of a military tech trade show is a bit surreal. It's strange to imagine warring parties putting down the thundersticks to talk shop for a couple days, but I suppose somebody's gotta sell the bullets.

Illustration for article titled The Future Of Military Trucks Is File-Sharing

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