Orlando Car Dealership Adopts Giant Duck Family

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Screenshot: U.S. Marine (Facebook)

Car dealerships get a bad reputation, and often for good reason. But if there’s anything that can break the “stealerships” and don’t-forget-valet-mode vibes, it’s kindly allowing a family of 16 ducks to move into the showroom.


The Miami Herald reports that a mother duck built a nest outside of a window at Sutherlin Nissan in Orlando, Florida a couple of months ago, and that when the eggs hatched, employees started feeding the ducklings. The mother duck wound up with 15 ducklings, and now, apparently, they visit the showroom a lot.

Sutherlin Nissan managing partner Ulrich Stanley Marine, who goes by “U.S.,” posted a video of the family visiting the showroom on Facebook, saying it’s an “all-day event cleaning up after them” but employees “absolutely love them.”


The Herald shared the video, and it’s adorable:

Orlando news station Fox 35 reports that the dealership, which appears to back up to an actual pond, built a small pond next to the showroom. There’s video of it on Facebook, and Marine told the Herald that the family comes inside for a snack “at least 15 times a day”—even getting fed by kids visiting the showroom with their parents sometimes.

Of course, never forget the valet mode. Perhaps at this dealership, though, it’ll catch a glimpse of the duck family instead of your Nissan GT-R going twice the speed limit on a test run from the shop. (We can hope, at least.)

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