At every auto show, there's one color all of the automakers seem to paint their cars in. For a long time, it was blinding shades of white. Thankfully, the color has returned to the Geneva Motor Show, and it's orange.

Perhaps it's all this "dynamic" talk, but it's a loud and shouty color on everything. And by everything, I mean from hot hatches to a Bentley. Orange is the new "it" color for cars, so get used to it again.

Take a look at all the cars on the show floor, or ones that debut at Geneva, wearing various shades of orange. It's the color of 2014.

McLaren 650S


Of course it looks good in orange, it's a supercar.

Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Dynamic


That name. That Dynamic. But the orange and black scheme works.

Honda Civic Type R


Crayola would call this Red Orange. I call it really good looking.

Jeep Renegade


This might be my favorite color for the little Jeep, better than the gray and red that leaked earlier. White is my next favorite, partly because it would look great with some mud.

SEAT Leon Cupra 280


The whole car gets better the more you look at it.

Nissan Juke


OK, it's a little more yellow or the color of Orangina.

Bentley Continental GT Speed


An orange Bentley. How 'bout that?

OK, I'm not really digging the Bentley in orange, but it works for all of the others. And they all come in gray and silver if you're not a fan or just like your cars darker and more ordinary.

Photos: Getty Images, AP, Land Rover, Honda, Mate Petrany, SEAT, Nissan, Bentley