What could Scion be going for with its new "Little Deviants" online game that involves bloodshed exacted on a race of "Sheeple"? Well, the brand that was supposed to be a niche marque for youthquakers has been partially co-opted by 50-somethings drawn to the quirky xB for mulch and home-goods hauling duty. What the brand needs is some juicy vid-kid irreverence and ultraviolence to alienate some of those boomers and pull the average buying age downward — possibly even below 30. The company's also aiming to preserve its niche status by cutting production targets from 170,000 to 150,000 for 2008. Maybe the killing of Sheeple, as the Little Deviants do in this game, represents Scion's subconscious desire to castrate many of its own buyers. The hour's up. Please co-pay on your way out. [Littledeviant.com via Slate]

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