Illustration for article titled Opel RAK e wants to be the poor mans electric monopod

At least when Opel decided to join the herd of automakers building one- or two-seat monopod electric vehicles, they tweaked the formula just a bit. The Opel RAK e isn't just slow and small, but cheap as well.


Weighing about a third of a normal car, the RAK e had a 49 hp electric motor and a battery good for roughly 62 miles on a full charge. With one passenger, Opel says the RAK e gets to 75 mph in 13 seconds; with two passengers, you might want to call ahead. In style it's closer to an enclosed motorcycle than a car, thanks to a rear swing-arm suspension

The real trick? Instead of using carbon fiber or aluminum or some form of unobtanium, Opel built the RAK e out of plain old steel and plastic, which it says would mean the RAK e would cost less if it ever made production. How much less? No, really, how much? Because Opel didn't say, and unless they're going to quantify those savings, then what's the RAK-e-ing point?

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