OnStar Partners With Poison Control To Pacify Scared Parents

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OnStar will now have the Poison Control Center on the other side of the little blue button, giving doting parents "peace of mind" over their helpless brood when they down a gallon of antifreeze.

The program allows OnStar subscribers to dial in to confer with Poison Control when their kids decide those spare quarts of oil rolling around in the back look delicious. According to the writers of this press release, there's been an increase in poisonings in cars as people spend more time in them. Obviously this means Onstar is a feature which makes parents terrified of raising children a lot more secure in their incompetence. Don't read the below press release as you'll be a more stupid person because of it.

OnStar to Partner with Poison Control
DETROIT - OnStar and Poison Control today announced a joint venture that will increase the safety and security of OnStar subscribers. The new relationship will give subscribers access to Poison Control for expert instructions and information on potential poisonings that may occur in or around their vehicles.

With any poison related issue, speed of treatment is the most important factor followed by effectiveness of treatment. Nearly 75 percent of calls received by Poison Control can be handled over the phone. OnStar subscribers now have the added peace of mind that Poison Control is just a button press away should they encounter any type of poisoning situation in their vehicle.

"Most drivers don't anticipate that an accident may not happen on the road but rather in their backseat," said Cathy McCormick, OnStar Emergency Services Manager. "OnStar currently receives about a call a day from subscribers who have specific questions relating to poisonings, and a majority of these calls concern children and pets. This partnership was developed to give subscribers access to Poison Control to assist them with these types of situations."

According to Poison Control, children are the most likely victims of a poisoning accident in a vehicle. One of the possible risks associated with vehicles is a child getting access to a purse that contains medication or getting into grocery bags with household products. Poison Control also receives a large amount of calls concerning the silica gel packets that are commonly found in shoe boxes and other packaged goods.

Pets also are at risk in vehicles as they may gain access to automotive products such as oil and antifreeze or food items such as chocolate or nuts that can be extremely toxic.

"As Americans spend more time in their cars, we're seeing an increase of poison-related accidents in vehicles," said Susan Smolinske, PharmD, medical director of the Children's Hospital of Michigan Poison Control Center, which will manage the relationship. "The car is not a controlled environment and drivers don't always consider the possible exposure to risks outside of the home."

There is no additional fee to OnStar subscribers to contact Poison Control via their OnStar system; access to Poison Control is an extension of OnStar's emergency services line, included in the OnStar subscription that comes standard for one year on OnStar-equipped GM vehicles.

"This partnership is one more example of how OnStar is there for our nearly 6 million subscribers when they need us most - in an emergency," said Steve Schwinke, OnStar Vice President of Service Line Management. "OnStar's comprehensive emergency and security services offers help in the event of a vehicle crash, severe weather crisis and now we can provide a vital link to poison management experts."


[Source: GM]

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Rob Emslie

I want a OnStar button that I can push when somebody on the road does something really, really stupid right in front of me. I want an OnStar operator that I can express my outrage to, and who will respond with a supportive "No effing way! What a dick!" or "Yeah, 3-series drivers. . . what total douche bags." It would also be good if the operator audio could be routed outside of the car, through the horn or something, so he could tell the offender that "he's a dick" as I'm driving past.

There should also be an OnStar button that you can push when you see a totally hot chick/guy in a car near you. You could give the OnStar operator the license number, and if the hot chick/guy also has OnStar, he could call her/him up and make introductions for you.