Illustration for article titled OnStar No Longer Generals Only BFF? GM to Add Bluetooth by 2009

What's going on with GM and OnStar? For the past forever, all GM models (Cadillac STS excluded) have not included any kind of Bluetooth compatibility in order to ensure there's no competition with OnStar's cell service. That is, until now. Comparing OnStar to a Bluetooth compatible car and personal cellphone is like calling a McDonalds burger a filet mignon. No offense, McDonalds, my alcohol-lined stomach loves those burgers at 3 a.m.


In a Q&A over at the GM FYI Blog, the lack-of-Bluetooth shenanigans were kicked to the curb. Phil Colley of GM Performance Parts was quoted saying:

...and we (General Motors) will offer the broadest rollout of Bluetooth in the industry by making it available on more than 30 models across all eight North American brands by the 2009 model year.


Well I'll be damn skippy. Now I can talk to ma through my cellulartelaphoney without having to endanger myself, others on the road or let OnStar tear my wallet a new one—oops! Thanks GM! [GM FYI Blog]

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