OnStar may soon partner with Twitter to offer hands-free tweeting capability to its suite of voice-activated communications services. This may be the perfect compliment to OnStar's automatic crash reporting.

A writer at GearLive owns a couple of OnStar-equipped vehicles and received a survey touting the following Twitter service:

"While in your vehicle, you can use OnStar to submit and retrieve tweets (messages) via your Twitter account. Using OnStar's Voice-Activated Hands-Free Calling system, and having your voice converted into text, you can provide updates which would appear in the "What are you doing?" section of your Twitter homepage. It is also possible to listen to a tweet that was sent to you by someone else after it has been converted into voice. You can send and receive tweets without having to type or read anything."

The service doesn't seem complicated to set up and, using a voice-to-text system like the one found in SYNC, this should already be possible.

We could image all sorts of useful possibilities for this service, but it's more likely to be used like normal Twitter — letting people know completely tedious and useless details about your lives. We'll continue to deem the idea mostly useless until THE_REAL_SHAQ gets it in his Hummer and we can read his road tweets:

@Cbarkely: Y u cut me off? Looking for blow-js?

[Gear Live via AutoBlog]