Only Half of Polish Adults Drive (Insert Punchline)

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In Post-Soviet Poland, cars drive... there are... well a majority of people don't drive cars. Almost all of the Polish-Americans we know drive (and living in Chicago, there are a lot) . But according to pollster Estymator, only half of Polish adults still living in Poland engage in the ancient art of driving. The study also indicated that most of the drivers are men, with a mail-to-female ratio of 57/42. The most popular car, making up approximately 25% of the total, is the Fiat 126, also known as the Maluch. A breakdown of the study's findings below the jump:

The more educated you are in Poland, the more likely you are to drive a car. Approximately 65% of the drivers have better than a primary-school education. Most drivers are in their 30s (62%), with 44% of drivers in the 18-29 age bracket. We realize that adds up to 106% of drivers excluding people in their 40s or greater, but that's what it says. []


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As I'm an employee of the Danish Postal Service, the 'mail-to-female' ratio sounds intriguing. Could someone elaborate on this?