I guess when you drag race a ‘65 Mustang and break eleven transmissions in one year, it’s time to look for something else that’s also rear-wheel drive, light and as stylish as it gets.

Yeah, it makes sense in a way, but I just never look at Beetles as potential candidates for drag racing. Here in Europe, we have a massive Bug community, but those guys are all about the vintage stuff, having big picnics together on a sunny day and maybe slamming their Beetles as close to mother nature as humanly possible.

On the other side of the water though, there’s the Cal-Look. Bugs with or more likely without bumpers using prime colors, smart magnesium wheels from England, chunky tires at the rear, the biggest Webers in the engine bay and classy interiors. They are much faster than your average Beetle.

Let this Stephen Brooks movie explain what they are all about:

Was it that Californian car enthusiasts felt bad about their government’s regulations ruining European cars for the rest of America? Is it the open roads, the sunshine and the lack of rust to worry about?


You tell me, but in the meantime, check out what this club does to a Karmann Ghia over at Speedhunters.


It’s a sweet ride.