Chrysler bought what was left of AMC in 1987, it's a little sad to see this woodgrain-bedecked Pre Cupholder Era SUV from 1986- back when SUVs were honest about their truckness- about to be crushed.


Yes, they were still putting on that 60s-style SimuWood™ plastic siding on Jeeps as late as Reagan's second term; note the plastic "dowels" and decal inserts. Enough time has passed that this stuff is now cool! This truck is also notable for its AMC 360 V8, an engine that Chrysler kept in production all the way until 1991.

I found this truck at one of the now-defunct East Bay Pick Your Part yards, so we can assume that any parts that you see here have now been digested and dumped into a Guangzhou-bound container ship.

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