One of only 24 Group B Rally Ford RS200 Evolutions for sale on Ebay

It might seem hard to believe a 25 year old Ford is still faster than a Ferrari Enzo, but this is far from a run of the mill mid 80s Ford. For those unfamiliar with the RS200 Evolution, this ultra rare four wheel drive 600hp monster was originally built by Ford Motorsports in England for competition in the legendarily short-lived Group B Rally class.

The FIA required 200 street legal cars be built to be eligible for competition in Class B. Of those only 24 cars were converted to the higher horsepower "Evolution", complete with upgraded turbo 2.1 four cylinder engine. As this car appears to be from the later run of RS200 Evolution production it is the most powerful 600 horsepower version of the car.


The result was a 2315 pound car that would take right around three seconds to go 0-60 (times vary depending on the source). Although those times are still blisteringly fast, they were unthinkable over two decades ago when the car was introduced. It is easy to see why this rare, powerful and somewhat obscure model long ago secured itself a permanent spot in many car nerd's fantasy garages.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, this particular example of the ultra rare Evolution has only travel 192 miles in its life. In our personal opinion it is a crime to have spent so few miles behind the wheel of one of the most hoonable cars ever built. Those interested in righting this wrong better come prepared with plenty of cash—bidding is currently at $110,000 and with about two days left the car's reserve hasn't been met.



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