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One Million Dollars in Cars: Reader Responses, Day Four

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Today's million-dollar list comes from Nadim Braun, a Datsun 280ZX owner and enthusiast, who would put a healthy chunk toward finishing his own project car, before slapping down an equally healthy amount on a super-fast Chevy-powered kit car and a high-tech overland four-wheeler. Of course, he left just enough for a muscle-car classic — priorities, priorities.

Yes sireee! One million bucks will go a long way in satisfying my
thirst for all things automotive.


1.) First of all! To finish my current project car [pictured], started three months ago: a 1981 Datsun 280ZX (which I have dubbed "Bullitt" after the 1968 film starring Steve McQueen), then proceed to toast those legions of Honda zealots!

— $ 10,000 to $ 15,000

2. One Ultima GTR with one serious Chevy 383 c.i. V8 pushing 600 supercharged little beefcake ponies from the guys over at American Speed to harass the likes of those hideously expensive Lambos in my neighbourhood. That should make 'em cry and sob all the harder when they consider that the Ultima will have cost only a fraction of their purchases. (*Insert chic retro chair with white fluffball feline and an evil laugh here*)


— about $ 70,000

3. A Maximog! Fully equipped of course, so I can finally go explore the African continent, starting in Cape Town, South Africa where I live and then leaving for Europe on a nine-month journey. Rinse and repeat through rest of the world until satisfied.

[That thing's gotta be at least a quarter mil, maybe even a third with all the electronics — ed]

4. And last but definitely not least, a Barracuda! Such a must-have item - the iPod of automotive longing so to speak; a senseless and irrational lust! Rowr!


[You've got at least enough left over for, at the very least, a sweet Hemi 'Cuda coupe in pristine condition and a Hemi 'Cuda clone for summer weekends — no sir, not too shabby. - ed]

No clue how much the last two might set one back, but they should carve out the rest of that money cleanly. And whatever might be left will be used to purchase fuel stores.


So, *ahem* now that I've shared with you some intimately wet dreams with the prospect of having been ridiculed, where do I sign for that million?

[Sign right below where it says "I hearby bequeath my fortune to Jalopnik, for vehicular purchases only..." Mr. Trump. - ed]


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