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It's a story you've heard a thousand times(?) Recently single old timer is unsatisfied with the car-truckiness of his Subaru Brat and wants you to turn it into a different car-truck. Don't worry, he can pay. In cheap beer, potato salad, and stories about Deep Purple.


Here's his pitch straight from Craigslist:

Sup Yall,

I'm a recently divorced baby boomer looking to re-live my glory days. Back in the 70's I only did 3 things: pound miller high lifes, bang broads, and cruise in my kick ass Chevy El Camino. Now that I'm single again I'm looking to go back to my glory days. The first thing I wanted to do was buy a car like my beloved El Camino. Only problem is that my old lady cleaned me out pretty good, and all I could afford was a 1983 Subaru Brat.

I'm looking to hire someone to customize this piece of garbage enough so it looks like an El Camino. I'll buy the materials but I can't pay you much because I'm on disability. I'll provide ample High Lifes, a kick ass potato salad, and some great stories about the 70's and year I spent following Deep Purple.

Thanks, Dino

Ad indicates he's near Providence, Rhode Island. Somebody wanna help him out, or at least let him know he could probably find an El Camino on the very same classified forum he posted his plea to?

Hat tip to Mark McCormick! Images fron Jyrki Salmi/Flickr, Andrew Duthie/Flickr, Chevrolet

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