One Columnist's Dream Car Stereo

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CNET's Brian Cooley came up with a dream car audio system that's so simple, so outrageously elegant in terms of its use of modern technologies, that you just know it has less of a chance of ever being implemented than a '75 Dodge Dart has of winning 24 Hours of LeMans. Still, those with some imagination, a handle on using simple tools, and about $10 billion in R&D funds might want to give it a shot. Click through for a quick summary.

1.) Put all functions into a portable device that provides "one state of media and communications" at all times. In the car, a dash-mounted unit would house a display and a Bluetooth-enabled control amp, that connects to each device present in the car, with all of them listed on the display.


2.) Convince about a million companies to collaborate on new Bluetooth specs to run all those functions.

3.) Incorporate a wireless power solution, like that of Splashpower, so the devices don't wind up dead as a sack of White Castles.

4.) Use flat speaker technology from the UK's NXT in the United Kingdom, with which vehicle parts can double as speakers. Cool.

Driving it: My dream car stereo [CNET]

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