One Airport Hassle Down, 6,593,039 To Go

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Kansas City International Airport, a swinging place if you're taking a connecting flight to Evansville, has decided to reduce the stress of the traveling masses by consolidating the airport's ten rental car offices into one $90 million facility. Besides making it easier to find the rental car counter, it also reduces the environmental impact by decreasing the number of busses needed to get people to their cars. It would be great if more airports would do this, as we'd prefer the limit the time between us and the Shelby GT350H we expensed to the Jalopnik corporate card (which, sadly, has a credit limit of twenty smackers). As one airport official said "We believe this facility and our recent terminal renovations will firmly solidify our role as the region's leading airport." That's right, Springfield-Branson Regional Airport can suck it.


Consolidated Car-Rental Facility Will Help Ease Traveler's Hassles [Kansas City Star]

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I say get rid of all the busses; just give every rental-car company a modestly-sized staging area for returns and pick-ups right across from the baggage area.

You drop off the car and they immediately drive it to the (probably hideous and dingy, but cheap to maintain) off-airport service area. They service it there while the same driver takes another serviced car back to the smallish staging area.

All the companies could share the shuttle drivers.

If they didn't have just the right car for a walk-up, it wouldn't take long to bring it from the service area.

Oh, yeah, you'd skip the whole problem of clueless people wandering around your service area, too.

/I put more miles per year on Hertz cars than my own; I've been thinking about this for years.