On Italian Cars, Manual Transmissions, And Long Drives

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On Driving a Manual Transmission Ferrari V12Hooniverse

Enjoyed this write-up from Boosted Lego Wagon. I've never driven one of these but have always loved the way they look.

See how this engine is all shapely carbon-fibre accents and powder-coated trim? No? No indeed – it looks like something Halliburton would use for fracking operations. It ain’t pretty, it’s just colossal, with lungs like Pavarotti and torque like a tractor. Click-clack goes the shifter as I slot it into first, and the 550 shuffles off down the back street without even breathing on the accelerator.


My Lancia Delta Integrale ProjectPistonehads

Hat tip to Petrolicious for bringing this to our attention. I love these, too.

This project came to life when a freind of mine who builds high power Integrale engines offered me a 1988 Integrale 8V rally shell complete with MSA logbook. I was up at his place discussing plans to up the power of my track day Evo2 and saw the shell sat there in the workshop on stands. At this point I was thinking of putting a roll cage in my Evo2 and to turn it into a fully fledged track car. My Evo2 at that point already had a 360bhp motor in it plus Alcon brakes and trick suspension but I wasn't sure that I wanted to put such a nice Evo2 on the track for good. After discussing various options it was decided that my Evo2 would be put back to a standard car and sold on to a buyer we knew in Spain. My forged engine, Alcon brakes, RSR suspension etc would be saved to use on the 8V Rally shell. We negotiated a price for the rally shell and an estimated build time was agreed.


Justin Fox on the pleasures of a weekday Nasho RunMotoringConBrio


I didn't realize there were great drives in Australia beyond Mt. Panorama.

Sydney’s heritage-listed Royal National Park is affectionately known to locals as the ‘Nasho’. Perfect for bushwalking, cycling, surfing, picnicking or whale watching, but today, we were there for the twisties.


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