Shame on us, but if you also were a bit busy this Memorial Day weekend, you're like us and may have missed Sunday's episode of Top Gear. Luckily some friendly BBC viewers have rectified our poor judgement by providing video of the most important segment from the show. A couple of weeks back, the best-est automotive show on earth tested the new Koenigsegg CCX, and the Stig ended up taking it into the fields to the side of the second to last turn on the infamous airfield course. The CCX had a bit of a problem — not enough downforce. The folks at Koenigsegg took it back and fitted it with a right new wing on the back. The result was...well, it was...epic. The car went on to blitz the track in the fastest ever time — 1:17.6. Now kiddies, here's what's coming up in this weekend's episode.

Top Gear KOENIGSEGG part two [YouTube]

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