Oldsmobile And Pontiac Are Dead But Their Websites Live On

General Motors may have shuttered the doors of Oldsmobile and Pontiac, but on the internet, the brands can never die.

Yesterday, we published a profile of Uzi Nissan and his fight with the car company over his ownership of the nissan.com domain name. That lead me to ask all of you internet users what some of the more obscure automotive themed websites were, and you didn’t disappoint.


As it turns out, GM sill has support websites for both Oldsmobile and Pontiac! The brands aren’t dead after all!

Looking through the site feels like you’ve been sucked into a strange time rift, with incredibly jarring links that read “Chat with Oldsmobile Specialist,” and “Locate a Dealer.”


Beyond the initial shock of discovery, there isn’t too much else to the webpages to get excited about. An apt reflection of the later-years Olds and Pontiac brands themselves. If you navigate through the “Learn About My Vehicle” pages, you can download owner’s manuals, “get to know your car” guides and stuff like warranty information.


There’s also access to information for Saturn (RIP) and Hummer (RIP) vehicles as well. If you want to double down on your warped perception of reality, you can try dialing the support numbers to hear the reassuring voice say “Thank you for calling Oldsmobile!” The number for Oldsmobile is 800-442-6537, as a memory to the badass and not forgotten Olds 442 muscle car. The numbers 6537 also spell out “OLDS.”

If you get into looking up older models on the site, though, the information and resources become sparse, if not just completely nonexistent. But at least GM tried.

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