Oldest Unrestored Mini In The World Brings An Impressive $65,000 At Auction

The oldest unrestored Austin Mini in the world and the eight example ever built exceeded its pre-auction estimate by nearly three times when it sold at auction this past Monday for an amazing £40,250 (right around $65,000).

Although this might not seem like much in the high dollar world of car auctions, this Mini was one of a million plus made and will need significant rust and mechanical repair before it returns to the road. Three of the seven Minis believed to be built before this car are still known to exist, but all of them have been restored.


Evidently the fact this is the eight oldest Mini in the world was enough for someone to shell out quite a bit more than the $19,000-$24,000 pre-auction estimate. No details were released on who bought the car, but we'd guess anyone willing to pay this much for ratty Mini has restoration plans on the brain.

[Bonhams via Hemmings]

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