Old Crow Belly Tanker Gets Engine Turned

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For those of you who happen to be fans of the Bandit's dashboard or '50s diner countertops and/or trim, engine turning — aside from any weird fetishes you may have that we'd probably rather not know of — is likely the reason. It's simple in concept, really. Just a gritty pad on a mill laid down repeatedly. Of course, to do it well, it helps to spend hours throwing away and screwing up material. Anyway, the back half of Bobby Greene's bellytanker canopy was just subjected to the treatment and then emblazond with the Coop-drawn Old Crow logo. Does it get much manlier? We just checked our pants. It is manlier than us, that is for sure.

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Add one green ammo box in the nose and it shoots the manliness factor toward infinity.