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When a collaboration between Millenia Fine Art and Terra Firma/Zotz Racing first came across our radar, we immediately thought: kitschadelic. After all, what business does an art gallery in, of all places, Orlando, have decorating Porsches for competition racing? Visions of some hand-painted travesty better suited to Burning Man danced in our fevered noggins. But then we dug a little deeper. And we turned up the Chairman of the Board.


Turns out, the number 17 Porsche 997 GT3 that Millenia is kitting out for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona Jan. 26-27 might actually look pretty dang cool. Sixties Swingin' London-era photog Terry O'Neill is the artist whose work the 17 car will sport. Reportedly, some of the images will be of Frank Sinatra, who O'Neill seems to have captured lighting up smokes more than any other lensman in the modern era. Pay a visit to Millenia's website for a sampling.

Of course, we're not sure what Francis Albert would have made of a 997 GT3. His last ride was a 1985 LeBaron.

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