Oh, that's just a Le Mans-winning Porsche in my garage

When Jalopnik reader Richard unloaded his Porsche 911 GT3 RSR racer in front of his house he couldn't help but send a photo. "Cool," we thought, "it's painted up like the Le Mans-winning No. 31 Petersen Motorsports Porsche." Oh, wait, it is the Le Mans-winning No.31 Petersen Motorsports Porsche. Damn.

As if that wasn't embarrassingly awesome enough, our resident Porschephile extreme's the owner of a Carrera GT he keeps parked next to the semi-retired race car. And what's that black Porsche in the background? Oh, that's another Le Mans champ...


So how do the two cars drive? He points to this test for the answer. If you want to see the #31 car it'll be featured at the next Rennsport reunion.

If anyone else is hiding a Le Mans-winning car in their garage please don't hesitate to email us. Or invite us over.


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