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Our 1970 Buick Skylark was probably our favorite car we've ever owned. Every other car was more reliable and/or less-likely to hydroplane at 45 mph in a steady downpour. Our friend Sarah referred to it as the Fresh Ride. Teenage girls in bondage pants preferred to sit in the center of its front bench seat. So when we see a rad '64-72 Skylark we get just a bit happier on the inside. Unfortunately, this '65 model needs to be rescued.

Awful mesh all over the grille, a purple-painted Pontiac mill (complete with that stupid "Streetrod" badge affixed to the valve covers), and a blower hat that's not sitting atop a supercharger. Won't somebody please save this fine convertible? We promise that we'll do our part to find you a girl in plaid trousers with buckles on them. [Thanks to John for the tip.]


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