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Somehow, this just really, really pains us. We try to console ourselves by saying, "It's just like Clark Gable's Dutch Darrin- customized Packard." And while both The General and DCX have actively pursued the urban market, there's just something so contrived about the whole thing, which took place at a GM-sponsored, Shaq-hosted, GM-only show called "Rollin' 24 Deep" preceding the ESPY awards. The whole thing just gives our hot-roddin', punk-rockin' little heart the jeeblies. Oh, but you wanted to know about the King, no? Well, the honor went to LA Clippers guard Corey Maggette for his Blue Raspberry '03 Escalade ESV. Deep breaths, now: Just like Gable's Packard. Just like Clark Gable's Packard...

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