'Oh Nein. Die Mantas.' 'Manta Manta' Ladies!

While Manta - Der Film is truly one of the classics of European cinematic history, much like Skywalker, there was another Manta movie. It's called Manta Manta and your face will be summarily rocked off. If it is not, we can introduce you to some mulleted cannibals interested in consuming your visage. The choice is yours. Either way, much like Jerry Garcia, Los Jalops have stolen your face. Sorry 'bout that.

Mein Gott! Manta, Der Film! [Internal]

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"Oh nein, die Manta...."

I absolutely love how that line was delivered. Just utter exhaustion and hopelessness.

A few years ago I spent 4 weeks in Germany. What I would've given to see German drivers behave in that manner.