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As if there weren’t already enough AC Cobra restorations and copy-jobs running around the universe, AC Cars is planning to produce nine new, factory-original cars in their original 1962 specification, for around $670,000 each.

According to Autocar, the new cars will be built by AC Heritage using a majority of the original factory plans and and tooling. The left-hand drive, V8 aluminum convertibles are to be christened the AC Cobra Mk1 260 Legacy Edition.


It’s a good time for AC Cars to visit its past, too, as the very first AC Cobra just sold at auction for almost $13.75 million.

From Autocar:

The legacy-edition cars, all of which will be left-hand drive, will use traditional materials and crafting techniques and will be built on original tooling. They will come in just two colours: the original factory blue or the re-paint yellow subsequently used in the US to fool road testers and buyers into thinking more than one car had been made.

The new cars will use freshly fabricated but dimensionally exact versions of the original John Tojiero-designed Ace twin-tube chassis, complete with a transverse-leaf independent front suspension and a live rear axle.

The cars are planned to go into production in batches of three, set to begin by the end of the year.

“We’re passionate about building the legacy cars exactly to the original specification,” said Alan Lubinsky, who bought AC Cars 20 years ago. “We’ve even managed to find a source of brand-new 260-cubic-inch V8s for this project — and I can assure you that wasn’t easy.”


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