Official Acura tweeter stands by accusation that coworker is gross

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The person behind the official Acura Twitter account appeared to pull a Chrysler and let slip a strange tweet accusing a fellow employee of giving himself a manicure at his own desk. Turns out it was intentional


The full tweet states

"My cube neighbor is clippings his fingernails at his desk right now. Kinda gross. It's a weekly thing. lol #badhabits"

On the grand scale of things, this isn't particularly awful. They didn't swear, they didn't call their customers bad drivers, they just hinted someone at Acura's got bad office members.

At first we thought this is another case of Tweetdeck misfiring, but a call to the person behind @Acura_Insider proved us wrong.

"In the moment, I to be honest didn't think would be something detrimental to the brand," said Alison Sobkowski, a PR rep for Acura. "People have fun on Twitter. I didn't think that it would be that big of a deal, apparently you're calling…"


So much for gotcha journalism.

"We're all humans, and as a brand you try to connect with people," Sobkowski continued. "This is a way other people working in office environments might get a laugh throughout the day if they're in the same type of environment."


It seems a little out of left field for an account that's mostly about serious Acura business, but you can't fault someone for trying to lighten up the day in such an innocuous way. We prodded further to see if she'd reveal who in Acura's office has such bad manners.

"I can't reveal the source of it," she said, laughing.

Imagine if Chrysler had dealt with their dilemma with a laugh instead of a ridiculous overreaction. In a way it's a brilliant strategy, because we're talking about Acura in a way that doesn't focus on their ungainly beaks.



Bad office 'manners' perhaps, Matt?

Edit: I clip my nails at my desk but I always shut the door to my office, so there.