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Chrysler loses control of Twitter account, drops F-bomb

Illustration for article titled Chrysler loses control of Twitter account, drops F-bomb

Someone in control of the official Chrysler account (@ChryslerAutos) apparently had a bad experience driving to work today and dropped one mother of an anti-Detroit tweet and some profanity on their 7,000+ followers. UPDATE

As you can see in this retweet, someone wrote "I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive."


Kind of the wrong image to send from an organization so proud of their Detroit heritage they make Super Bowl Car Commercials completely premised on this idea.

Illustration for article titled Chrysler loses control of Twitter account, drops F-bomb

The tweet was quickly deleted and they put up an apology instead, saying "our account was compromised earlier today." However, people familiar with the Chrysler media organization say it was actually an employee of social media company New Media Strategies, who runs the account for Chrysler.

We're reaching out to them to find out. In the meantime, we've saved the original tweet so you can enjoy some "Imported from Detroit" attitude.


Update: Chrysler confirmed our story and had the guy behind it fired. So much for being "compromised."

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How people in cars are ever amazed that other people in cars drive like asshats is beyond me. It really is.

Step 1. Leave late for work. Step 2. Isolate yourself inside "safe" expensive heavy appliance. Step 2.5 Choose optional annoyances Step 3. Get on 2 4 or 6 lane roadway with 100, 200 or 500 thousand other people late for work. Step 4. Add ego.

Result. Where in the hell did all these idiots come from?

**Optional annoyances

: add complicated electronic device so you can get some uncompensated work in

: add injuriously hot, wardrobe damaging beverage

: add annoying radio talk show about such infuriating topics such as: How party of wimps is destroying the country. How party of crooks is destroying the world. How bad your self identified sports team is. How bad the decisions against your self identified sports team have ruined 'your' hopes this year. How your religion is under attack, etc etc.