Chrysler Twitter F-bomber blames Tweetdeck for F-ing Mis-Tweet

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We broke the story about Scott Bartosiewicz, the former account supervisor for New Media Strategies who accidentally fired off an f-bomb using Chrysler's Twitter account and then was fired himself, but WXYZ and the Detroit Free Press scored the first interviews with the now unemployed social media strategist.

Huh. You'd think since we broke the story he'd want to tell it exclusively to us. Sadly he didn't. I can't imagine why. Anyway, here's what we learned from the first outlets to get a phone call returned from Bartosiewicz.


First of all, as is to be expected given the circumstances, Bartosiewicz is still looking for a job (his LinkedIn page is here if you want in on some of that action). Secondly, he blames twitter third-party app Tweetdeck for the Twitter f-up, telling WXYZ "he deleted the Chrysler account from the program, but somehow it still went out."

He's even hired an attorney, Michael Dezsi, who says Scott has a case.

"A simple web search shows a number of other users have encountered the same issues," Dezsi said.

Click to viewWXYZ contacted Tweetdeck via email and a company executive told them they are looking into the issue.

See the WXYZ interview to the left and check out the Detroit Free Press piece here.