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Ralph Gilles, current Director of the Chrysler Group Truck Studio and a recipient of an MBA from the prestigious Broad School of Business at Michigan State University, [represent!] is finally joining the ranks of the Auburn Hills elite.

Gilles is credited with the design of the Chrysler 300C, which in turn is responsible for reversing the fortunes of the Chrysler Group. That reversal, in turn, catapulted former Group Director Dieter Zetsche all the way from a lonely office in Michigan's rolling suburbs to a lonelier but in turn, much higher-paying office in Stuttgart, Germany. And as they say, three good turns deserve at least one other. And this turn will land Gilles in the job of Vice President of Jeep/Truck and Component Design.


We're glad that Ralph was provided a press release in advance of his receipt of a key to the executive washroom. Because the promotion is scheduled to take place on April 1st. That would so be the worst prank ever.

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