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(Image: Highway Earth Car Show)
(Image: Highway Earth Car Show)

Of course Elvis had a Pantera. says it he bought it in 1974 “for $2,400 as a gift to then-girlfriend Linda Thompson” and shot it with a gun when it wouldn’t start. Today it lives in Los Angeles’ Petersen Auto Museum and will be out on the streets at the Highway Earth car show.


Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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Lets Just Drive

Does being shot by Elvis add more value to the “Owned by...” title?

I want to know, in case I ever become famous, if shooting my cars will be a profitable proposition because that sounds awesome. I’ll be dead and gone and Jalopnik 2100 will be all, “Buy one of the seventy-two Prius’ owned and shot by famous Famous Guy, Lets Just Drive for just Eleventybillion dollars!” followed immediately by “Why buy this overpriced shot-up hybrid when you can buy this self-driving original Google Car for half the price?”