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A reader driving on a New York's Meadowbrook State Parkway, which prohibits commercial truck traffic, watched this rig destroy itself by scraping against one overpass after another until it was finally reduced to derelict status on the roadside.

It doesn't look like the cab took too much damage, but the trailer got worked and puked its guts all over the road. Newsday caught some aerial footage of the cleanup, which involved a fully outriggered mobile crane and a two-lane shutdown.

Ironically, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would begin testing its new "over-height highway warning lights" on Long Island highways this very morning. NYC and Westchester County just dropped $5 million to prevent this exact scenario from happening on NY Route 106/107, NY 135, and the Long Island Expressway. Maybe the next round of funding will be a little easier to get thanks to the timing of this illustrative incident.

Our cameraman pulled over to find the driver uninjured, though upset claiming he "hadn't seen a height limit posted anywhere." The trucker also claimed to have merged onto the Parkway at Stewart Avenue, which looks like this:


Pro tip: an image of a truck with a slash through it means "No Trucks."

Guess it shouldn't be too surprising then that he also missed the "Clearance 10' 5"" sign next to the overpass that finally took him out:


Hat tip to Nabil Azad for sharing his video and Google Maps research!