Illustration for article titled Obama Likeness Selling Kia Sorentos, With Bonus MLK Pontiac Bonneville Pitch

Obama-mania is spreading like a virus into advertising as Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" found in this Dallas Area Kia dealer ad for the Sportage. Of course John Stewart ridicules the spot, which features not only a likeness of the Illinois Senator but a rip-off his "Yes we can!" catch phrase. If this is the kind of stuff we have to look forward to during the closing months of this agonizingly perpetual presidential election, we eagerly await the "Bob Barr 'No Federal Regulations' Killdozer" ads. As a bonus feature at the end of this clip, Stewart and the boys make sure to chop up the "I Have a Dream" speech to help sell 1964 Pontiac Bonnevilles, now with free Simonizing! Clip below the fold.


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