NYPD Issues PSA On Fanny Packs: If You're Gonna Look Goofy Do It Right

Illustration for article titled NYPD Issues PSA On Fanny Packs: If Youre Gonna Look Goofy Do It Right

The NYPD knows fanny packs ain’t cool, guys. Actually they describe the wearable cargo-pouches as “hideous” but hey; if you’re gonna look like a dorky tourist here’s how to get the most out of it.


I mean, they’ve got a point. At least if you’re wearing this thing on your front you can keep close track of the melty granola bar and MTA ticket you’re keeping in there. Plus, bonus, just ratchet the hell out of that strap for an automatic gut-suck and skinnier look!


Nah just kiddin’ you’re beautiful the way you are. I mean, less so with the fanny pack. Sorry, even the cops are saying it and they still rock epaulettes on formalwear.

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I knew one guy who religiously wore a fanny pack. He never got crap for it because that is where he kept his gun.